Mekan POS: Restaurant POS System

Mekan POS is a project that offers various solutions for restaurant management and the ordering system. These solutions encompass mobile applications, websites, and a POS system.

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I worked on the UX/UI design for the core product lines to ensure an intuitive and delightful experience for restaurant owners, employees, and customers alike. This entire process was efficiently brought to life by Reble Studio.


The platform allows customers to view menus using QR codes and place orders directly from their tables. These orders are then transmitted to the waiters' devices for real-time management. I provided a comprehensive, innovative solution to streamline and optimize the dining experience in restaurants. The system features an order display screen in the kitchen, sorted by urgency, and an easy-to-use order display system for straightforward checkout. The POS system guarantees accurate transactions and includes an authorization process at every management level.

Understanding the Problem

I was thrilled when Mekan informed me about the innovations they wanted to implement in the restaurant. Together, we identified the necessary tools and discussed the actions users would take on each screen. Waiters: The kitchen was chaotic, making timely product preparation challenging. On the other hand, the cashier app lacked functionality.

User Flow & Lo-fi Wireframes

After identifying the issues, I sought to address them with potential solutions. I designed a flow for the applications by observing the order paths of both users and restaurant employees in their roles. We reviewed this flow with customers and employees from each department.

Hi-fi Design

Using lo-fi wireframes, I organized workshops with restaurant staff and software developers to explore potential challenges. After collecting feedback, I methodically identified and tackled each problem, leading to the development of a refined hi-fi design. Additionally, I crafted a design system that seamlessly complements the brand's identity.

Subsequent feedback revealed enhanced accuracy and speed in order preparations, resulting in a consistent rise in satisfaction levels regarding their operations.