rabia nur torun

about me

Hi! I'm Rabia.

rabia flower

I was born in Turkey in 1997 and currently live in Hamburg, Germany. I studied Industrial Product Design in Turkey. Since I was little, visual communication tools were a way for me to express my feelings. With the university department I studied, I learned to use these tools to understand others, to express and solve their problems.

Throughout my student life, I created a source of income by drawing and selling digital illustrations. In the last two years of my university life, I was introduced to user experience design. I continued to accumulate knowledge in this field with my internships and work experiences. In our Hamburg adventure, we established Reble Studio with my software developer husband. We have developed b2b projects with our customers. This whole journey has been full of joy and experience. With Reble, I had the opportunity to improve myself in user experience, interface design and most importantly project management.

Nowadays, besides designing and making illustrations, I explore the city by taking photos and improve my language skills.