hop offers an electric scooter sharing service and stands as a leading shared mobility platform in Turkey. It plays a vital role in the daily commutes of residents in Turkey's major cities.

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During my time as an intern, and later as a Junior UX Designer on this project, I undertook a comprehensive benchmark analysis. I also conducted customer meetings and developed intricate flows based on their input. Engaging directly with customers in one-on-one sessions accelerated my personal development. In line with the concept design developed by our team, I set up the design system, crafted UI designs for specific pages, and created illustrations. Overall, this project proved to be an invaluable and distinctive learning journey for me!

Understanding the Problem

Conducting a competitor analysis was crucial to grasp the challenges at hand. This analysis led the customer to introduce fresh ideas for their product, and together, we mapped out the entire user journey. It was essential to determine which information we were legally obligated to gather, and the primary objective was to condense the steps based on this data.
I am unable to share the benchmark and flow due to confidentiality constraints.

UI Design & Illustrations

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