In today's fast-paced business environment, effective and efficient management is essential for success. Elbcargo Logistics recognizes this necessity and provides a cross-platform project management solution to assist logistic companies in streamlining their operations.

rabia harby


I was tasked with refining the existing products to enhance their efficiency, speed, and usability. Using an iterative design approach supported by user feedback sessions, I successfully integrated and streamlined complex Excel spreadsheets and files into a cohesive system.

rabia harby


A significant feature of Elbcargo Logistics is its capability to manage data about trucks, tours, workers, bills, and more. The system is designed to be highly customizable, allowing it to be tailored to meet the specific requirements of each company. This adaptability enables logistic companies to manage their operations in the manner that's most suitable for them.

In summary, Harby Logistics offers a robust solution for logistic companies aiming to streamline their operations. With its user-friendliness, customizable features, and data management capabilities, it stands as a valuable tool for companies seeking to elevate their productivity and efficiency.

rabia harby

Understanding the Problem & Flow

To grasp the problem, I initially examined Elbcargo's existing system. This system primarily consisted of numerous Excel files which, upon closer inspection, were interconnected. I categorized these files and information, eventually narrowing them down to nine main headings. The most crucial step in identifying the issues was to establish a flow. We jointly assessed the customer's needs, gathered consistent information about the transactions, and the product started to take shape. Broadly, the challenges included:

Lo-fi Wireframe Sketches & Final Design

I produced rapid sketches to structure the pages. After securing approval for the conceptual UI design, I structured the necessary information for the pages as components, integrating it into the UI design in a user-friendly manner.

rabia harby